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Manufacturing and distribution of pool equipments


Description of the company

Moov is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized products for residential swimming pools. Our resources are currently specialized in heat pumps with inverter technology which is more reliable, economical and silent than traditional heat pumps.

Moov is committed to providing solutions for swimming pool professionals allowing them a unique product offering and a simple and up-to-date after-sales service. The difference is in the details; our approach offers simplicity of transactions and customer satisfaction above all. Summer is short, we’ll make sure you make the most out of it!

Ours values


We believe that if we take care of our clients, they will take care of us. This is based on the most important value of a good mutual relationship. It is important we make sure that we do everything we can to ensure that the process is spotless from the factory until it is put into operation for the consumer. If necessary, with flawless after-sales service.

Quality and Reliability

Moov offers a choice of quality proven products that have been offered in different markets for over 20 years. Our level of knowledge and service is supported by professionals who will be able to respond to your requests. A reliable and durable product; simple like that.


Knowing how to recognize opportunities to build on our strengths and skills. Mutual growth with our partners remains a commitment to make ourselves better for the satisfaction of our customers. Alone you are faster, together we go further.

Continous improvement

“We must always question ourselves about our products or our operations” Our internal culture of doing things differently or continually thinking about doing better is essential for our entrepreneurial spirit but also to ensure that you are your first choice.

Why work with Moov Pool Products?


Our team will be happy to train your staff on our products and the new technologies behind them. Whether online, on site or at our offices, rest assured that your sales force will be supported at all levels. We’ll take care of the coffee.

Attention to detail

Our team presents multiple signs of perfectionism. Whether it’s about our self-explanatory marketing tools, our after-service support or our business approach, you’ll feel the difference in our approach.

Our vision

We are nothing without our customers. The Moov Pool Products team is convinced that a good business relationship begins with a human relationship. Our long-term vision is only achievable if our clients are also successful and good collaboration is essential to achieve this.

Our After-Service support

In the rare event that you experience a problem with one of our products, rest assured that our technical support team will take care of you from the first call. With certified partners across North America, our technicians will be on site as quickly as possible if necessary.


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