Manufacturing and distribution of pool equipments.

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Moov Pool Products

Based on the will to change this very traditional industry, Moov Pool Products was created with the purpose of bringing the North American pool equipment industry to the superior standards we can find anywhere else in the world.

Some equipments haven’t evolved in over 20 years. Ridiculous? We couldn’t agree more. Let us make thist simple for you, we offer what’s best on the market and nothing else.

 We believe that if we take care of our clients, they will take care of us.

Inverter Technology

Higher lifespan

The variable speed allows you to reduce the overall usage of the product and therefore increase its lifespan.


A product that uses less energy means savings on the bill. Definitely worth a try!

Unparallelled silence

Unmatched soundproofing, variable fan speed and dual rotary compressor. It’s more quiet than your refrigerator.

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Moov Inverter

Quiet. Powerful. Thrifty.

This isn’t any other heat pump. The Moov Inverter is based on a new unique technology!

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50 %

More energy savings!

48dB at 1m

Unparalleled silence

Available in North America

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